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Star Wars The Last Jedi weapons
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Author:  Vernon Reed [ Fri May 18, 2018 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Star Wars The Last Jedi weapons

For a little fun, can a "weapon" be created like what the purple haired chick used toward the end of the movie where she put her ship into hyperspace and "suicided" it into the super duper star destroyer and the other 10 star destroyers, destroying all of the latter and splitting the former in half?
Let's see what else. How about fighters that completely ignore large ships' shields, like when Kylo Ren tie fighter squads attacked the ship his mother Leia was on? There is the "ignore shields" trait on that, but this trait would have to be tailored for large ships only. Oh, in the same battle, Admiral Akbar ordered all shields to the rear of the ship. So can we transfer all of the shield bubbles from multiple locations to other locations upon command?
This one is from "The Empire Strikes Back". How about an ion weapon that disables everything on an enemy ship for some amount of turns? Then my transport ships can escape scot-free, haha.

Author:  Ethan McKinney [ Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Star Wars The Last Jedi weapons

The insta-kill and the "completely disable" weapon may (or may not) work as plot devices, but they don't make for fun games. After all, it sure looks like a Hammerhead frigate could have sliced Snoke's flagship in half, at far lower cost .... A weapon that completely disables an enemy ship lets all of your ships jump it and kill it for cheap ... Sucks the fun out of the game for the victim.

Let's see, can you build shields that require APs? Can't remember, but that would certainly be one way to allow "All power to rear shields!"

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