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 Post subject: Mirage III vs. 2 MiG-17s
PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:05 pm 

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Last Sunday Phil Markgraf and I got together for some BoP. He suggested that we try a scenario he's run as a training exercise before, to firm up my knowledge of the rules - namely, a missile-armed interceptor bounces a non-maneuvering formation of planes, gets a chance to get off a missile at at least one of them, and then the turning fight starts. I had an Israeli Mirage III armed with two AIM-9Ds against a pair of nationality-unspecified MiG-17s. The MiGs were flying in formation at an altitude of around 40 with a speed in the mid-400s while my Mirage approached from 8 o'clock low (altitude in the 20s) with a speed around 640.

In the first three turns, I managed to fix his formation every turn, then climb and turn so as to put myself exactly on the six of the trailing member of the formation at a range of about 15 hexes. I easily got IR acquisition and, a turn later, launched both missiles at that target (follow-on launch, just to see how it worked). On the next turn, the first missile launched hit the target for 8 damage points. A MiG-17 can only take 5, but for fun we rolled the critical hit, which was on the control system. We ruled that the missile must've flown right up the tailpipe, exploded, and taken the entire tail assembly off. Fortunately, the pilot managed to eject.

At that point the remaining MiG broke left and began a nose-low spiraling turn; my Mirage, which was going faster at that point, started a climbing turn, to save energy, get a better turn rate, and hopefully come down on the MiG from above (Phil pointed out that in an energy vs. angles sense my Mirage was the energy fighter of the pair). Unfortunately for Phil, several game turns into his diving spiral, he spectacularly blew a G-effects roll and the pilot lost consciouness, with the nose down 30 degrees, 7 altitude steps above ground level. Even if his plane had lost the minimum amount of altitude that turn, he would've started the next turn 1 altitude step above ground, and in the segment where he rolled to pull the nose up he would've crashed.

We thought briefly of ruling that the loss of consciouness didn't happen, but we were separated by 40+ altitude steps at that point and it would've taken several turns for either of us to even get into gun range, let alone set a shot up. Phil said that in that situation his inclination as the Mirage would be to level off and bug out, so we left it at that.

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